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Warrior Rear Safety Camera System Award

An operationally deployed British Army Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle, May 2023 [© Bob Morrison]

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has awarded Rheinmetall Electronics UK Ltd a £10.6 million Warrior Rear Safety Camera System contract.


UK MoD Contract Award, Abbey Wood, 02 November 2023: (Extracts)

Section 2:

Awarding Authority: Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S), Land Equipment (LE) Vehicle Support Team (VST)

Section 4:

Description: The Authority has a requirement to procure Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) Rear Safety Camera Systems (RSCS) to meet a safety critical modification.

The RSCS system will comprise of 359 units and include the following sub systems: Rear Camera; Display Control Unit; Cabling Loom, and camera wash wipe facility. The RSCS shall provide the driver with the means to recognise terrain and personnel with a field of rearward view across the entire track width from the immediate rear of the platform.

The cameras are needed to ensure the platform remains safe by design. There is currently no rear safety camera system fitted to Warrior IFV, therefore this requirement exists to expediently integrate a suitably robust day/night capable system to the platform to ensure it fulfils the health, safety and legislative obligation for which the Authority is responsible.

This manufacture contract will have a duration of two (2) years and shall be Firm priced. There will be no Contract Options. The RSCS shall be manufactured to meet the Authority’s technical specification.

This contract has been awarded to the company listed at Section 7 following completion of an Accelerated Restricted Competition in accordance with DSCPR 2011. A 10-day standstill period has been observed and no challenges were received to this award decision.

Section 7:

Awarded to: Rheinmetall Electronics UK Ltd

Value Cost: £10,631,644.94

Section 8:

Date of Contract Award: 02/11/2023

Section 9:

Number of Tenders Received: 4

Section 10:

Other Information: The Authority evaluated all tenderers for this opportunity in accordance with the “Most Economically Advantageous Tender” (MEAT), to evaluate a combination of Cost and Quality / non- cost criteria. The specific MEAT Evaluation Methodology adopted for this opportunity was the “Value for Money Index” (VfM) – an absolute evaluation method that divides the total score of the non-cost (quality) criteria by the tender cost. The highest score to two decimal places was deemed as the winner of the competition. The score the winning tenderer obtained against the criteria for contract award was 0.1111.


An operationally deployed British Army Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle, May 2023 [© Bob Morrison]
An operationally deployed British Army Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle, May 2019 [© Bob Morrison]
An operationally deployed British Army Warrior TES Infantry Fighting Vehicle, June 2011 [© Carl Schulze]

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