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UVision Air Launches Revolutionary Hero-90

Hero-90 portable tactical loitering munition system [© UVision Air]

UVision Air launches revolutionary Hero-90 portable tactical loitering munition system with anti-strike capabilities for dismounted soldiers.


Press Release, Tzur Yigal, 03 October 2023: UVision Air Ltd. – a global leader in loitering munition systems of all sizes, for a variety of missions, is launching the Hero-90 – a highly-portable loitering munition system, that streamlines logistics and field operations with versatile anti-tank, multi-purpose and anti-personnel capabilities.

Compatible with the Common Launch Tube, the Hero-90 can be deployed from multiple launch platforms; easily integrating into a wide range of pre-existing assets, it enhances operational flexibility in a cost-effective way. Ensuring minimal logistics and simplified setup and deployment procedures, the Hero-90 is lightweight, easily carried and operated by the dismounted soldier, and can be launched in less than two minutes.

Designed to bring unprecedented lethality, it empowers small tactical units operating in challenging environments, giving them unprecedented autonomy on the battlefield of the future. The Hero-90 is equipped with a high-yield warhead of over 1.5kg, providing significant and precise power to effectively neutralise a wide range of threats – from soft targets and light vehicles, to armoured vehicles and battle tanks – at a range exceeding 40km. Loitering over the target area, its operational range affords operators the time needed for target identification and optimal attack planning, and enables selection of attack patterns and detonation modes in real time.

Further maximising operational flexibility, the Hero-90 supports mid-mission adjustments, including attack abort and re-engage, and the transfer of control between Hero teams, regardless of their location – whether on ground, airborne or maritime. All this is made possible through UVision’s state-of-the-art, ruggedised, Fire Control Unit (FCU), common to all Hero family assets.

The Hero-90’s CONOPS (Concept of Operation) and performance benefit from the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), enhancing the warfighters’ effectiveness during operation, by enabling them to focus on mission-critical tasks.

Major General (Ret.) Avi Mizrachi, CEO of UVision Air, emphasised the critical importance of meeting the demands of rapidly evolving symmetric and asymmetric warfare arenas, saying:”The Hero-90 has been developed to empower tactical forces and infantry in the field with a multi-domain, multi-purpose, man-portable loitering munition system that stands as the best in its class. Its compatibility with various military platforms, coupled with its portability, gives a significant advantage to any force.

With the growing demand for UVision’s solutions, and as part of its strong commitment to its clients, the company has also announced the establishment of a manufacturing line for the Hero-120 system in the United States.

Hero-90 portable tactical loitering munition system [© UVision Air]


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