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KNDS and Elbit EuroPULS Teaming Agreement ~ Revised

EuroPULS at DSEI 2023 [© Bob Morrison]

KNDS and Elbit Systems have signed a EuroPULS Teaming Agreement to address the growing needs of precision rocket artillery capabilities.


Press Release, Haifa, 14 September 2023: KNDS, the European leader in land defence, and Elbit Systems have today signed a teaming agreement to address the growing needs for precision rocket artillery capabilities in Europe as well as NATO nations. The ceremony took place between representatives of KNDS and of Elbit Systems at the DSEI exhibition in London. The agreement formalises and implements their strategic cooperation form the next generation rocket artillery system, known as EuroPULS.

EuroPULS synergetically combines capabilities from KNDS as a systems house with those of the technology group Elbit Systems. It will form the basis for a modularly scalable and flexible artillery system that can be integrated to fire from any mobility platform with pinpoint accuracy and safety. The open EuroPULS concept does not exclude any provider of respective missiles from cooperation enabling EuroPULS users to employ those.

The transformation of the established Elbit PULS artillery rocket system into the flexible EuroPULS system is being carried out using the unique European capabilities of lead system integrator KNDS. Key success factors for transformation are KNDS’s modular fire control system and the modular architecture of the Elbit’s launcher. Moreover, the EuroPULS system will provide capabilities to fire the full spectrum of Elbit’s precision guided and training rocket artillery munitions from any mobility platform.

KNDS and Elbit EuroPULS Teaming Agreement [Elbit press release image]


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