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Pearson Engineering ~ SAMSON 30mm RWS and BOXER Team

RAFAEL Samson 30mm RWS on BOXER [image courtesy RBSL]

DSEI 2023 – Pearson Engineering primed to manufacture SAMSON 30mm Remote Weapon Station from RAFAEL for UK programmes


Press Release, Newcastle upon Tyne, 13 September 2023: RAFAEL has announced that Pearson Engineering will play a significant role in delivering the SAMSON 30mm Remote Weapon Station (RWS).

Initially aimed at UK opportunities, the collaboration launched at DSEI 2023, will see critical knowledge and skills transferred to the Newcastle based team. This strategic development supports current thinking around Boxer’s role on the battlefield as the foundation of a dispersed medium force.

Elbit SAMSON 30mm RCWS at DSEI 2023 [© Bob Morrison]

The SAMSON 30mm RWS is an advanced remote-controlled weapon station which incorporates a suite of sophisticated combat capabilities, including SPIKE, the world’s leading anti-tank guided missile which is in use with 20 NATO members and throughout Europe. The set-up also includes partnership with EUROTROPHY to offer TROPHY as a proven active protection system for Boxer. The advanced, precise strike capabilities of SPIKE, together with the TROPHY active protection system allow BOXER to conduct operation in more challenging conditions, and to undertake new types of missions to meet the needs of the current operational environment.

The news follows Pearson Engineering’s recently announced [see below] contract from KNDS to supply mission module fabrications for the British Army’s BOXER vehicle. This contract award firmly cements Pearson Engineering’s position within the UK BOXER Team. It also builds upon Pearson Engineering’s rapidly growing expertise across UK land manufacturing programmes, which includes the delivery of Challenger 3 turret structures and armour packs for Ajax.

Pearson Engineering primed to manufacture SAMSON 30mm Remote Weapon Station from RAFAEL for UK programmes [© Pearson Engineering]

“Pearson Engineering is a proud and longstanding provider of products and manufacturing services to the UK MoD, with expertise developed through our work with users all around the world. This strategic initiative with RAFAEL will see a step change in our potential to contribute to British Army programmes, enhancing skills, jobs, and capabilities at Armstrong Works, and providing valuable new opportunities for export.” Craig Priday, Managing Director at Pearson Engineering.

“Pearson Engineering has achieved a reputation as a leading defence manufacturer and comes with a rich heritage, and expertise in providing the UK MOD with effective defence solutions and capabilities. Through Pearson Engineering, RAFAEL’s sophisticated technologies will be readily available for the UK MOD. RAFAEL is proud to be providing the know-how and unique systems in its portfolio to recently acquired Pearson Engineering. Through the SAMSON 30mm RWS and the unique suite of capabilities that Pearson Engineering is offering the UK MOD, we are confident that together we will be able to strengthen our support for our British partners.” Ran Gozali, Executive Vice President at Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

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Pearson Engineering Joins UK BOXER Team

Pearson Engineering joins UK BOXER team with contract from KNDS to manufacture Mission Modules for the British Army’s MIV.


Press Release, Newcastle upon Tyne, 12 September 2023: Pearson Engineering has furthered its contribution to British Army armoured vehicle programmes, with a contract from KNDS to manufacture Mission Modules for the British Army’s BOXER Mechanised Infantry Vehicle.

UK Boxer trials at Millbrook Proving Ground, 10th July 2023 [Crown Copyright: Jack Eckersley]

The contract award means that BOXER, Challenger 3, and AJAX will all include key components manufactured at Armstrong Works, marking a return to strength for defence manufacturing in Newcastle. As a direct consequence, Pearson Engineering has recently announced over £5,000,000 in capital investments, to enhance manufacturing capability and capacity.

Pearson Engineering’s scope of work is to provide Mission Module hulls for the Armoured Personnel Carrier variant, bringing together a wide range of skills and manufacturing services at Armstrong Works, provided together with daughter company, Responsive Engineering.

“This contract further strengthens our established relationships with KNDS, forged over many years and developed most recently through our work to supply Dry Support Bridge fabrications for export customers. Having contributed to the original BOXER campaign in the UK, we are pleased to officially join the BOXER team and to play our part in delivering next-generation capability to the users of this vehicle.” – Richard Beatson, Business Development Director at Pearson Engineering

“Following a number of recent contract wins, we have a responsibility to deliver critical components and services to a range of UK armoured vehicle programmes. To ensure we meet our commitments, we are investing heavily in our people, our manufacturing capability, and our world-class facility, Armstrong Works. In the coming months, we will install a new 800t press brake, followed by a new 11m gantry milling machine, which will be the largest in Europe. Together, these investments will help us to deliver projects of an even greater scale and complexity, for both defence and commercial customers.

“The teams at both Pearson Engineering and Responsive Engineering take great pride in our significant contribution to these British Army vehicle programmes. We eagerly anticipate these platforms coming successfully into service.” – Craig Priday, Managing Director at Pearson Engineering.

“As Pearson continues to meet our rigorous requirements of providing the highest quality components and service levels, we are pleased to continue our partnership with them as part of our UK supply chain for the BOXER programme. This longstanding partnership demonstrates our commitment to a collaborative approach, supporting further investment in UK engineering and manufacturing.” Ian Anderton, Managing Director of KNDS UK.


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