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Jakusz WIKTORIA For Ukrainian Victory

Jakusz WIKTORIA explosion-proof container [press release image]

The handover ceremony of a Jakusz WIKTORIA explosion-proof container to Ukrainian EOD technicians will take place during the 31st MSPO in Kielce.


Press Release, Kielce, 24 August 2023: The handover ceremony of WIKTORIA explosion-proof container resistant to explosion of 10kg TNT equivalent and a 150mm / 155mm NATO artillery shell, manufactured by Jakusz from Kościerzyna on the Zasław chassis, to police pyrotechnicians from Ukraine will take place during the 31st International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO in Kielce.

The current situation in Ukraine and the fact that Ukraine’s citizens need help and support to ensure security in the post-conflict area triggered Jakusz’s initiative. The company donates an explosion-proof container specially made for this purpose. The device is resistant to 10 kg TNT equivalent and 152 mm / 155 mm NATO artillery shell detonation.

The founders: Jakusz from Kościerzyna, Zasław TSS from Andrychów, Targi Kielce ( the organiser of the International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO) and the Ukrainian company KRZ – КИЇВСЬКИЙ РАДІОЗАВОД.

The official handover takes place during the press conference on the second day of the 31st MSPO, on Wednesday, 6 September 2023, at 14.00 at the ZC-2 outdoor expo stand in front of expo hall C.

The WIKTORIA anti-fragmentation container is intended for the isolation and safe transport of unexploded ordnance containing up to 10 kg of TNT equivalent / 152mm/155mm NATO artillery shell, undertaken by military clearance patrols or other engineering units. Effectively protects people and the environment against shattering debris in the event of an uncontrolled explosion of dangerous objects transported inside the container. The container mounted on the Zasław trailer can be used in various weather and climate conditions; the trailer can be used on dirt roads and urbanised areas.


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