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AM General New Brand Identity at NGAUS 2023

HUMVEE 2-CT with the Troop Transport Expanded Capability Kit or XCK [© AM General]

AM General features advanced vehicle capabilities and reveals new brand identity at National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS) 2023.


Press Release, South Bend, 17 August 2023: AM General, the leading global light tactical vehicle and mobility systems provider, is proud to participate in the National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS) 2023 General Conference and Exhibition at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center in Reno, Nevada from August 18 through August 21, 2023. The Company will feature its mission-ready capabilities that support the National Guard when the National Guard is needed most. AM General will also debut its new brand identity.

“We are proud of our long and strong partnership with NGAUS and recognise that the work done at this important event furthers the National Guard’s mission to support our communities in this nation and abroad,” said Jim Cannon, AM General President and CEO. “We are also extremely excited to reveal our new branding at this exhibition as our new brand look was inspired by our purpose to serve those who serve to support us and it’s a signal that there are great things to come from AM General.”

AM General will display the HUMVEE 2-CT with the Troop Transport Expanded Capability Kit (XCK); a 9-person conversion kit with crush protection of 10,000 lbs., improved seating with integrated restraints, a 360º weapons ring, and available mountings for squad weapons. This vehicle represents the latest automotive technology that AM General can offer the National Guard, including enhanced occupant safety, upgraded powertrain options, and improved mobility and handling.

AM General new brand identity [© AM General]

The Company’s new brand identity was inspired by its purpose and culture which is to serve the Warfighter, represented by Sgt Smith; the fearless person who volunteers their service to protect the freedoms in this nation. AM General took a wholistic approach to generating its new look and feel which includes an updated logo, a new colour palette, and new imagery to convey its core capabilities as the leading light tactical vehicle manufacturer in the world and to pay homage to its end users.

Logo: The new logo is now capitalised in a more sculpted font to represent the strength and power of the Company’s products. The tag line ‘Mission Ready, Future Driven’ is also incorporated into the brand to convey that its products will always meet the demands of the ever-changing battlefield. The Star in the logo represents the mark that is emblazoned on its vehicles.

Colour Palette: The poem ‘Pikes Peak’, later turned into the song ;America the Beautiful’ by Katharine Lee Bates paints a vivid picture of the grandeur of our nation. The descriptions within this poem inspired the new colour palette: Halcyon Sky, Enamelled Plain, Amber Wave, Alabaster Gleam, Patriot Dream. It also honours the Warfighters who serve to preserve our ‘America the Beautiful’. The Company’s vehicles represent mobility on the battlefield and thus the earth tones of the landscapes they traverse were leveraged for the new look.

Imagery: With the new brand identity, AM General’s images will feature the Warfighter as a testament to its commitment to build platforms that can and will go wherever the Warfighter needs them. They will also showcase existing and new vehicle capabilities to demonstrate how AM General continues to push the envelope of innovation.

HUMVEE 2-CT with the Troop Transport Expanded Capability Kit or XCK [© AM General]


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