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Netherlands Counter-UAS Contract with Elbit Systems

A drone swarm [Dutch MoD news release image]

Netherlands Defence to be more resilient to drone threat with new systems ~ a counter-UAS contract with Elbit Systems was signed today.


News Release, The Hague, 16 August 2023: [auto-translated] Defence will be given capacity to combat so-called unmanned aerial systems (UAS). The new systems must mainly offer protection against small drones up to 20 kilos. The contract with manufacturer Elbit Systems was signed today by the Ministry of Defence.

The systems will be deployed at all Dutch air bases and the naval port in Den Helder. Furthermore, the Army’s special counter-drone unit will receive them.

A system consists of special sensors to detect, classify and identify UAS. In addition, it has means to neutralise or defuse a drone in various ‘ soft-kill ‘ ways. Think about jamming .


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