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blackned TACTICAL CORE to Showcase at DSEI

Digital Superiority on the Battlefield [© Rolf Kosecki via blackned]

Digital Superiority on the Battlefield ~ blackned to showcase revolutionary TACTICAL CORE communication platform at DSEI 2023 in London.


Press Release, Heimertingen, 16 August 2023: Military IT specialist blackned is set to showcase its revolutionary solution for critical communications and data exchange, TACTICAL CORE, at DSEI in London.

The software portfolio connects the forces involved on the battlefield to form an extremely effective digital network that allows information to be exchanged quickly and securely. TACTICAL CORE is approved by Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for data transmission up to the level of ‘NATO Restricted,’ ensuring secure and authorised communication. At DSEI in London, the company from Heimertingen in Bavaria will be demonstrating how its communications platform ensures digital superiority on the battlefield.

blackned digital communications [© SIGGIWIEST via blackned]

The current events surrounding the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine have shown how important the networked and secure transmission of quickly available information is. It provides the decisive advantage during combat. Direct and secure communication is crucial, especially on the forward battlefield. TACTICAL CORE bridges this gap, offering a digital network for tactical-level information exchange, from brigade-level military organisations downwards.

This is exactly where blackned comes in: The blackned solution ensures effective interoperability with existing digital and analogue radio technologies, as well as the integration of new equipment. The introduction of more information, equipment, technologies, and systems into the battlefield means that the overall network becomes very complex. This results in the challenge of how to operate and maintain such a complex network, especially during deployment. To address this challenge as effectively and securely as possible, TACTICAL CORE relies on various IT solutions from blackned:

  • The XONITOR software is the monitoring and management tool.
  • RIDUX is a reliable and efficient data and communication infrastructure.
  • The patented MeshFLOW enables seamless connectivity, even when soldiers move dynamically from one deployment area to another.

As a digital network, RIDUX enables the exchange of information at the tactical level, i.e., at the military organisation from brigade level downwards. Consisting of approximately 5,600 soldiers and hundreds of armoured and other vehicles, the brigade and its units can perform operational tasks independently and fight in conjunction with other forces. RIDUX creates a highly secure, dynamic, and self-organising communication infrastructure, ensuring joint situational awareness at all levels. “Time advantages through faster communication can save lives,” emphasises Timo Haas, blackned’s CEO and founder.

TACTICAL CORE is a design blueprint for the digitalisation of armed forces that encourages collaboration among developers, vendors, and users. It stands apart from restrictive barriers and exclusive access limitations, fostering innovation and creativity. There are no artificial barriers or exclusive access restrictions that could limit innovation and creativity.

“Customers have direct access to the source code, retaining sovereignty over the software without dependency on a service provider,” explains CEO Timo Haas.

Already in the test phase with the German Armed Forces, blackned’s virtual network has garnered positive responses from decision-makers. DSEI provides a platform for blackned to convince additional forces of the platform’s effectiveness, aiming to solidify its position as a leader in cutting-edge communications solutions.


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