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Oshkosh Defense $201 Million FMTV A2 Order

Oshkosh FMTV A2 [© Oshkosh Defense]

Oshkosh Defense receives $201 million US Army order to supply additional FMTV A2 (Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles A2) trucks.


Press Release, Oshkosh WI, 03 August 2023: Oshkosh Defense, LLC, an Oshkosh Corporation company, announced today that the US Army Contracting Command – Detroit Arsenal (ACC-DTA) has placed a $201 million order for additional Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles A2 (FMTV A2).

Oshkosh Defense leverages engineering innovation and industry expertise to develop technologies that adapt to the dynamic market demands and skilfully tailors solutions that surpass mission requirements. The FMTV A2 demonstrates ultimate platform flexibility with 16 models and trailers designed to move troops and supplies, recover vehicles and weapon systems, and haul equipment to wherever the mission requires.

“The versatility and mobility of the FMTV A2 is a direct result of Oshkosh’s partnership with the US Army to provide the advanced technologies and expertise necessary to meet the ever-changing demands of the battlefield,” said Pat Williams, chief programs officer for Oshkosh Defense. “As the exclusive provider of medium tactical vehicles, Oshkosh is committed to delivering the best performing vehicles in the world to the Army and our allied partners.”

To date, Oshkosh Defense has received orders for almost 2,000 FMTV A2s and 982 FMTV trailers for a total order value of $858 million.

Oshkosh FMTV A2 variants [© Oshkosh Defense]


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