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RAF Deploys Indra Lanza 3D Radar

Indra Lanza LTR-25 radar displayed at FEINDEF 2023 [© Bob Morrison]

The RAF is operating Indra’s long-range transportable Lanza 3D radar (LTR-25) as part of the surveillance of the United Kingdom’s airspace.


Press Release, Madrid, 19 July 2023: The Royal Air Force (RAF) is operating Indra’s long-range transportable Lanza 3D radar (LTR-25) as an integral part of the surveillance of the United Kingdom’s airspace. As part of the RAF’s Global Enablement Team, it is as an asset that is prepared to be rapidly deployed anywhere in the world.

Throughout the weekend, the RAF exhibited it’s capabilities at the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT), one of the largest military aviation shows in the world, that brings together the world’s foremost air forces and Air Chiefs.

RAF Indra Lanza 3D radar displayed at RIAT 2023 [Indra press release image]

“The deployments of this radar with the RAF highlights Indra’s ability to meet the needs of the most technically demanding clients and reinforces our position as one of the world’s leading radar suppliers”, commented Domingo Castro, Indra’s Integrated Systems and Space Director.

The Lanza is a family of state-of-the-art 3D radar systems, based on a fully modular and scalable architecture, both in hardware and software. The RAF´s Lanza Radar has been designed as a tactical deployable radar, capable of being rapidly transported by air, sea, rail and road. The system can detect and track tactical ballistic missiles, providing air surveillance command and control centres with the early warning information required to neutralise attacks. It delivers the trajectory parameters necessary to initiate offensive, defensive or intelligence measures, such as the estimated launch point, cue point, impact, interception, etc.

In addition, the radar incorporates advanced techniques and algorithms, developed in-house by Indra, to mitigate the reflections and clutter caused by wind turbines and solar panels. This is an effective, validated, capability in these increasingly challenging, densely populated environments.


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