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Rafael Introduces SKY SPEAR Long Range Missile

Sky Spear [© RAFAEL]

Rafael introduces the SKY SPEAR 6th generation long range air-to-air missile, with new RF seeker technology, at the 2023 Paris Air Show.


Press Release, Paris Air Show, 20 June 2023: RAFAEL has unveiled SKY SPEAR its 6th generation long range, air-to-air missile.

RAFAEL has a long legacy in the development of world leading aerial systems and technologies. The newest member of the air-to-air missile family for RAFAEL is a long-range solution that provides users with unparalleled operational capabilities in the complex arena of aerial combat.

With the advent of long-range air to air missiles, the challenges faced by aerial forces have increased exponentially over time. The engagement range has extended longer, and the time gap between launch and end game has created a significant zone of uncertainty. Therefore, the need to maintain a clear and accurate aerial picture is even more crucial.

RAFAEL has taken up the challenge by developing the SKY SPEAR a new long-range Air to Air missile that embodies a new breed of RF seeker and additional technologies to handle the above-mentioned challenges. The SKY SPEAR missile is designed to engage targets at Long Ranges, ensuring that the opponents are overwhelmed before they have a chance to launch. Its new RF seeker technology allows for early lock on, and a more accurate end game.

Brig. Gen. (Res.) Pini Yungman, EVP and Head of the Air and Missile Defense Directorate: “The development of the SKY SPEAR provides a glimpse into the legacy of RAFAEL in the aerial domain. The first air-to-air missile by RAFAEL was developed in 1959 and 5 generations later we have maintained our technological edge in providing unique and timely solutions for our partners. From the PYTHON and DERBY which provide not only armaments for fighter crafts, but also as the main components of our SPYDER air defence system and now to the 6th generation long range SKY SPEAR; RAFAEL is confident that this newest missile will provide the advanced capabilities that will provide users a qualitative edge over its most capable adversaries.”


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