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Rohde und Schwarz at Paris Air Show 2023

Pilot with F-16 [Rohde & Schwarz publicity image]

Paris Air Show 2023 ~ Rohde & Schwarz M4ACS shapes the future with communications competence from pilot to controller.


Press Release, Paris, 19 June 2023: At Paris Air Show 2023, Rohde & Schwarz showcases the R&S M4ACS multi-domain quad-redundant advanced communications solution as part of its air force communications competence. Military customers benefit from technological advancements in voice over IP (VoIP) air traffic control (ATC), since R&S M4ACS is a field-proven and operational solution for fixed and deployable military command centers or air bases. Air operations controllers can clearly separate red/secure and black/non-secure domains, enabling connecting to any radio, anywhere, at any time.

As a logical extension to its air competence, Rohde & Schwarz showcases its R&S M4ACS field-proven, full IP communications system at Paris Air Show 2023 [© Rohde & Schwarz]

R&S M4ACS controls voice connections, remote radios, crypto device access, crypto pooling mechanisms and access to internal and external telephone lines. Operators can access two security domains simultaneously, using the same audio accessories and clear audio routing principles. An innovative graphical user interface (GUI) gives operators access to all required communications, while displaying both separated security domains on a single screen to help maintain full operational awareness.

“Having successfully deployed R&S M4ACS with several international reference customers, it has proven very cost-efficient, thanks to commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components and seamlessly integrates into existing customer IT infrastructures,” Marius Münstermann, Vice President ATC at Rohde & Schwarz explains. “With its distributed intelligence, R&S M4ACS is very flexible, highly-available and easily expandable. It scales from small mobile tactical centers to large fixed air operations centers. The system supports NATO requirements and those of other sophisticated customers.”

R&S VCS-R/B supports the ED137 standard for safe and secure ATC voice communications and is the cornerstone of the Rohde & Schwarz turnkey air force communications competence for seamless end-to-end communications between pilots and controllers.

Rohde & Schwarz showcases its air force communications solutions as a logical extension to its air competence portfolio at booth 2C-C318 at Paris Air Show 2023, from June 19-25. Fully integrated, high performance and scalable trusted solutions are featured for air-air, air-ground, ground-air and ground-ground communications. This includes software defined airborne and ground station radios, crypto devices as well as ATC communications.


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