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BlueBird Aero Systems SpyX Loitering Munition

BlueBird Aero Systems SpyX launch [© BlueBird]

BlueBird Aero Systems unveils its SpyX, a cutting-edge Loitering Munition UAV platform designed with unmatched tactical capabilities.


Press Release, Hepher Industrial Park, [embargoed until] 19 June 2023: BlueBird Aero Systems, an Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Group Company, unveils its SpyX, a cutting-edge Loitering Munition UAV platform designed to empower military forces with unmatched tactical capabilities such as 50Km operational range, 1.5 hours mission time, autonomous electro-optical guided attack, optimal effect-on-target and tight integration with Bluebird’s VTOL ISR UAV family. This groundbreaking technology represents a significant milestone in the evolution of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems and brings a new era of precision and efficiency to the battlefield, and in an extremely affordable price.

SpyX, developed by BlueBird Aero Systems, is an expendable electric mini-UAV, designed for loitering & strike missions, to enable tactical teams to organically detect, confirm and hit targets at ranges up to 50Km. To increase its target detection capabilities, the SpyX is integrated with a revolutionary belly-mounted dual-sensor stabilised payload and advanced video tracker, to enable autonomous and accurate electro-optical guided attack on the target. To increase its effectiveness, the 2.5kg warhead (like combined Anti-Personnel, Anti-vehicles, or Anti-tank warheads) is loaded to the SpyX Loitering Munition just before launch, as per the required effect-on-target.

BlueBird Aero Systems SpyX preparation[© BlueBird]

“SpyX is a game-changer in the field of military UAV platforms,” says Ronen Nadir, CEO of BlueBird Aero Systems. “We are proud to introduce this advanced system that combines innovative technology with unmatched versatility and cost-effectiveness. SpyX not only enhances situational awareness and enables precision and effective strikes, but also revolutionises tactical battlefield superiority through its tight integration with our VTOL ISR UASs. It is a testament to our commitment to provide our customers with cutting-edge solutions that meet their evolving needs of tactical military operations”.

Key Features and Benefits of SpyX:

  • Operational Range: An impressive operational range of up to 50km.
  • Endurance: An impressive endurance of 1.5 hours, ensuring persistent surveillance and the ability to strike when targets are discovered and identified.
  • Versatile Warhead Options: Multiple types of warheads, including anti-tank and anti- personnel/lite vehicle, ensuring optimal effectiveness against different target types.
  • Agility: With a weight of only 10kg, SpyX is a compact and agile platform, enabling rapid deployment and manoeuvrability in dynamic scenarios.
  • High Attack Speed: With an attack-speed of 250km/h, SpyX ensures efficient engagement of targets .The Target will not see nor hear it coming…
  • Separate Warhead Storage: SpyX unique design allows the warhead to be stored separately, to enhance logistic storage capabilities, reduce the required space for safe bunker storage, and simplifies the transportation and handling of the system.

Advanced Military Operations: SpyX revolutionises the way tactical military operations are conducted, providing an unparalleled advantage in various scenarios:

  • Precision Strikes: With a designed Circular Error Probable (CEP) of less than 1 metre, SpyX ensures exceptional precision in targeting to minimises the risk to ground forces and reduces collateral damage.
  • Reconnaissance and Surveillance: With its advanced dual-sensor payload, the SpyX provides real-time enhanced situational-awareness, enabling better target detection capabilities and decision-making in the field. Additionally, BlueBird’s unique open architecture design allows for joint reconnaissance and target detection efforts by integrating SpyX with BlueBird’s VTOL ISR UASs such as WanderB-VTOL and ThunderB-VTOL UAS. This collaborative approach enhances the mission effectiveness by allowing target detection before launching SpyX, while covering larger areas for longer time using VTOL UAVs, maximising operational efficiency.
  • Force Protection: Safeguard military personnel and critical infrastructure by identifying and neutralising threats efficiently and effectively. SpyX’s versatile warhead options allow for adaptable mission planning, enabling precise engagement of both armoured targets and personnel or light vehicles.


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