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IDV LMPV for Swedish Armed Forces

IDV Light Multi Purpose Vehicle [© IDV]

IDV (Iveco Defence Vehicles) is to provide up to 3,000 multirole LMPV (Light Multi Purpose Vehicles) to the Swedish Armed Forces.


Press Release, Bolzano, 16 June 2023: IDV (Iveco Defence Vehicles) has signed a Framework Agreement with the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) to provide up to 3,000 light vehicles to the Swedish Armed Forces. The initial order will be for 400 vehicles.

The Framework Agreement extends over four years 2023 until 2027 with the option to extend the agreement for additional five years. The MUV 4×4, the selected vehicle considered able to fulfil the LMPV requirements, is available in 12 different variants including troop transport vehicles, medical variant vehicles, communication vehicles, logistic vehicles, and dog transport. The 12 different LMPV versions can easily be accommodated on the MUV platform, a versatile and modular family of vehicles with several combinations in terms of GVW, chassis, cab, engine and driveline. The vehicles offered by IDV will guarantee high levels of mobility, compatibility with military fuels, adaptability to diverse climatic ranges, and top-notch EMC performance.

IVECO-badged foor-door MUV displayed at EDEX 2018 in Cairo [© Bob Morrison]

The MUV is a purpose-built military vehicle, developed to be the natural successor of IDV’s work horse, the M40E15-WM, compliant with military and NATO standards, which significantly benefits also from important synergies with heavily industrialised components. Rugged and highly mobile, the MUV has been designed to meet military users’ broad spectrum of operation requirements. With a GVW of up to 7 ton, the vehicle is designed to offer a maximum payload of 4 ton. The engine is specifically designed to operate in demanding environments, including extreme temperatures ranging from -32°C to +49°C, and can also operate with NATO fuels. Mobility is further enhanced by a permanent 4×4 drive with central/front/rear lockable differentials and a PTO equipped transfer case as well as by an independent front suspension system with torsion bar, which ensures balanced off-road mobility, handling, and reliability. By maximising the commonality of components and manufacturing across the MUV family, the logistical footprint is reduced while, at the same time, flexibility is improved by introducing modular superstructures to enhance MUV’s suitability in various operational scenarios.

In order to respond to the set of specific technical requirements for the LMPV Project, IDV designed on-purpose solutions and vehicle adaptations. These customisation requirements include an EMC performance upgrade in terms of both vehicle and superstructures, thus reaching full military levels of compliance, in-cab predispositions for the integration of communication and military equipment as well as tailor-made superstructures for different roles and applications, including the possibility to transport the Medical 2 variant within the C-130 airplane while at the same time guaranteeing the functionality of the medical systems and intensive care equipment during the flight.

The support required for the LMPV Project includes the setup of a local footprint in the incoming short term, thus granting to the Swedish Armed Forces the required readiness during the Service Life of the MUV. Consequently, in view of the FWA LMPV, a dedicated Customer Logistic Support (CLS) FWA is also signed, which will be covering the reliability and availability of the servicing fleet for up to 12 years.

Minibus version MUV under trial with Spanish Armed Forces, displayed at FEINDEF 2019 in Madrid
[© Bob Morrison]

IDV has extensive experience in developing military vehicles to meet current as well as future global operational requirements. Throughout the recent years, the company has identified the need for a light vehicle, specifically designed to undertake a variety of roles in low intensity operational scenario such as: logistic support, in-land operations and training, humanitarian aid, homeland security missions for UN, EU and NATO and able to satisfy military requirements of non-NATO forces. In response to these requirements, the company has developed a new generation of unprotected and lightly protected vehicles. The MUV draws on company’s extensive experience in the light vehicles sector, highlighted by the extraordinary commercial success of its predecessor, the above mentioned M40E15-WM, which scored more than 18,000 units worldwide over the last 30 years. To date, the MUV is in service in an extensive list of countries worldwide such as Spain, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Malaysia and Taiwan.


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