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Elbit PULS Rocket Artillery for Royal Netherlands Army

Elbit PULS rocket artillery system [© Elbit Systems]

Elbit Systems has been awarded a $305 million contract to supply PULS rocket artillery systems to the Royal Netherlands Army.


Press Release,Haifa , 18 May 2023: Elbit Systems Ltd. announced today that as part of an agreement between the Israeli Ministry of Defence and the Netherlands Ministry of Defence, it was awarded a contract worth $305 million to supply Precise & Universal Launching System (PULS) artillery rocket systems to the Royal Netherlands Army. The contract will be performed over a period of five years.

Under the contract, Elbit Systems will supply 20 PULS artillery rocket systems integrated on the COMMIT (previously DMO) selected truck platform, as well as rockets and missile of various ranges and training and support services.

Elbit PULS is a system designed with an open architecture approach, supporting future growth, the ability to integrate legacy C4i solutions, and the flexibility to adapt to specific customer requirements. PULS provides a comprehensive, cost effective solution, supporting the firing of both free-flying rockets and precision guided rockets and missiles ranging from 12km and up to 300km. The PULS launcher is a fully adaptable launching system and can be mounted on a broad range of wheeled and tracked platforms, providing a significant reduction in maintenance and training costs for legacy fleets.

Bezhalel (Butzi) Machlis, President and CEO of Elbit Systems: “I thank the Ministries of Defence of Israel and the Netherlands for this groundbreaking agreement. The acquisition of Elbit Systems’ PULS solution will enhance the Royal Netherlands Army’s ability to provide effective indirect fire support. It will also provide interoperability with NATO customers that have acquired these systems. This contract further validates Elbit Systems’ cutting edge military technologies and our strong partnerships with NATO countries across Europe.”


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