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SURVEY Copter Presents CAPA-X at SOFINS 2023

CAPA-X UAS [SURVEY Copter press release image]

SURVEY Copter presents CAPA-X, a new modular and multi-mission UAS concept, at the French SOFINS 2023 Special Forces exposition.


Press Release, Camp de Souge, 28 March 2023: At the opening of SOFINS, the Special Forces exhibition, SURVEY Copter, an Airbus subsidiary since 2011 and a pioneer in the design, production and operational support of light tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), is presenting a new light tactical UAS: CAPA-X.

The design of this light tactical UAS, imagined and produced by the SURVEY Copter teams, is based on a simple observation: public decision-makers, armies and parapublic forces need a flexible drone system that can be easily adapted to their needs in terms of missions, configurations, airworthiness regulations and sovereignty.

CAPA-X meets these needs. CAPA-X is a modular system, offering a wide range of configurations and, therefore, to fulfil a wide range of missions: intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, target detection and target tracking, target investigation, damage assessment, communication relay, cargo transport, search and rescue…

A modular system: The concept of CAPA-X is to allow the drone’s components to be modulated in order to adapt to all types of terrain and missions. Its propulsion can be configured as VTOL or HTOL, allowing vertical or conventional take-offs and landings, optimizing its logistical footprint and its performances. Two wings configurations (short and long) allow for missions requiring hovering at high cruising speeds or for increased flight autonomy. It is also equipped with a payload bay allowing it to integrate different sensors, making it possible for operators to use them simultaneously and address different types of missions.

Its design is also based on the prospect of allowing it to navigate in all types of environments answering to different levels of safety: land, coastal, maritime, as close as possible to the front lines.


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