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Centigon FORTRESS 300 Unveiled at SOFINS 2023

Centigon FORTRESS 300 armoured Land Cruiser [© Bob Morrison]

Centigon France will exhibit its VR7 certified FORTRESS 300 (VPAM BRV 2021) at the next SOFINS exhibition dedicated to Special Forces.


Press Release,Lamballe, March 2023: Centigon France is proud to announce the VR7 ‘unrestricted’ certification (VPAM BRV 2021) of its FORTRESS 300, including ballistic and explosive resistance.

After several months of work, these tests were carried out at the TNO certification institute in the Netherlands. Upstream, the Centigon France teams capitalised on their experience of several decades of design and manufacturing, as well as feedback from their customers. The industrial design processes have been optimised to offer the highest possible level of performance and quality as well as a very wide range of options.

The certification obtained guarantees the protection of the vehicle and its occupants against ballistic aggression (level VR7). The ‘unrestricted’ means that the company has the highest VR7 certificate for a 360° azimuth and 90° elevation. Specifically, this means that the armoured glass and the roof are certified to be protected against the worst possible attack: impacts perpendicular to the protected surface. The vehicle has also been certified as resistant to grenade, mine and IED explosions.

With its civilian and discreet exterior, built on the new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 base, this vehicle revolutionises the concept of the armoured vehicle. Intended to carry out numerous missions (escort, liaison, patrol), it is designed around a new modular architecture providing :

  • uncompromising protection,
  • an unprecedented catalogue of options,
  • increased mobility with entirely modified and rigorously tested and certified ground links, to maintain the comfort and safety of the basic vehicle,
  • a new interior ergonomics, adapted to the most demanding users.

An ‘INTERVENTION’ version is also available, specifically designed for intervention groups and equipped with protection adapted to the targeted missions.

The FORTRESS 300 VR7 is already available in the UGAP catalogue (Union des Groupements d’Achats Publics, the French government’s central purchasing agency).


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