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Orbit OceanTRx 4MIL at Satellite 2023

Orbit OceanTRx 4MIL [© Orbit]

Orbit to introduce the OceanTRx 4MIL and launch its Orbit Switching Matrix (OSM) for managing multiple antennas on maritime vessels.


Press Release, Satellite 2023, Washington, 13 March 2023: Orbit Communication Systems Ltd., a leading global provider of satellite communications solutions, is presenting its OceanTRx 4MIL advanced antenna system and launching its Orbit Switching Matrix (OSM) for management of several antennas on a military naval vessel, in order to enable continuous satellite communication, even in challenging conditions.

Orbit will be presenting the OceanTRx 4MIL – a full MIL-STD maritime SATCOM terminal – for the first time in the USA. The MIL’s unique four-frequency-band capability enables simultaneous operation or automatic switching between dual X/Ka, Ku/Ka and multiple bands, and optional fast, manual band swapping with multiple BUCs per system. The compact system offers significant space savings in any navy vessel existing today, while delivering extremely high performance.

As well as being capable of working with different types of satellites and offering operational flexibility, the waterproof, ruggedised system has been designed and tested according to the strictest MIL-STD-810G standards. It is suitable for operation in harsh environmental conditions, including humidity, temperature variations, ship vibrations, and more, and offers superior stabilisation and tracking under severe sea conditions, all without any periodic maintenance being required. The OceanTRx 4MIL system is also designed – and has been successfully tested – for EMI/EMC immunity, in accordance with MIL-STD-461G.

Featuring a switch box electrical card configuration, and available in a fibre optic or coaxial version, the OSM is designed to perform RF switching between any Tx or Rx input port, and any output port. Able to connect up to 8 modems to up to 8 antennas, it can also aggregate multiple inputs to single outputs, for example connecting a single antenna to multiple modems. The OSM also enables smart handling of blockage zones, by switching between antennas to support stable satellite link.

“We developed the OSM (Orbit Switching Matrix) having identified a real need for a solution to manage an array of antennas, in order to maintain continuous satellite communication for vessels,” says Daniel Eshchar, CEO of Orbit. “The marine environment is challenging and requires solutions that can withstand harsh conditions. We at Orbit are proud of the OceanTRx 4 MIL system, which conforms to military standards and, together with the OSM, provide a complete communication solution for marine vessels. Our maritime SATCOM products have been selected by over 25 navies worldwide, and can be found on oil and gas platforms, and on seismic and support vessels.”


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