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Asio Technologies Doubling Production Lines

NavGuard on drone [© Asio Technologies]

Doubling its production line and offices and recruiting additional employees, Asio Technologies is undertaking a significant expansion.


Press Release, Tel Aviv, 06 February 2023: Asio Technologies, a leading developer and manufacturer of geospatial position systems encompassing navigation, positioning, mission planning, and mission management, is opening 2023 with a significant expansion. Due to the increasing demand for the company’s products, including the NavGuard jam-proof navigation solutions which ensure drone freedom, Asio Technologies is expanding its offices and production lines and recruiting additional employees.

David Harel, Asio Technologies CEO: “As drone jamming and spoofing are becoming daily events, militaries and global aviation regulatory agencies are toughening their requirements on navigational robustness. Asio Technologies’ NavGuard jam-proof navigation system is a unique solution that enables drone freedom. With the increasing demand for this solution and our other navigation and mission management solutions, we decided to enlarge and double our production and assembly lines. We are happy to open the new year and inaugurate our new areas.”

Asio Technologies is doubling its production line and recruiting additional employees [© Asio Technologies]


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