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A Record Year For CAESAR Orders

[CAESAR press release image via Nexter]

A record year for CAESAR orders ~ the French DGA has ordered 18 CAESAR 6×6 MkI and the Czech Republic has acquired 10 CAESAR 8×8.


Press Release, Versailles, 13 January 2023:

  • On December 15, the French and Lithuanian Defense ministers signed a technical arrangement for cooperation in the artillery field, including an order for 18 CAESAR 6×6 MkII for the Lithuanian Armed Forces;
  • The Czech Republic ordered 10 CAESAR 8×8 to complete the 52 systems ordered in 2021;
  • These contracts bring to 55 the number of CAESAR in all versions ordered in 2022 by 4 Nexter customers;
  • The CAESAR 6×6 MkII is a new version of the truck equipped with a 155mm artillery system. The development of this version was ordered in 2021 by the French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA) for the needs of the French Army. It combines a new chassis designed by Arquus, a better protected cabin and the artillery system of the version already in service.

CAESAR achieves commercial success in 2022.

In 2022, the artillery system designed and manufactured by Nexter has gone through several successes: the DGA has ordered 18 CAESAR 6×6 MkI, which will replenish the French Army’s fleet following the transfers to the Ukrainian Army; the Czech Republic has acquired 10 CAESAR 8×8 to complement its 2021 order for 52 systems.

Nexter has contracted in 2022 with two new user countries.

Belgium and Lithuania have ordered 9 and 18 CAESAR 6×6 MkII respectively. The development of this new version was launched in December 2021 by France. Its entry into service is planned for 2026. For its national configuration, Lithuania will actively participate in the development phase of its 18 systems.

A new chassis for more mobility and protection.

The main improvements of the CAESAR 6×6 MkII concern crew protection and mobility. Mobility has been greatly enhanced by a more powerful engine (460hp compared to 215hp previously), a new automatic gearbox and a new generation chassis. This chassis is coupled with a STANAG level 2 armoured cabin against ballistic projectiles and mines and IEDs. Finally, the CAESAR MkII benefits from the same strategic mobility as the CAESAR MkI as it is air transportable in an A400 M transport aircraft.

Combat-proven artillery.

The CAESAR MkII is equipped with the same 155mm / 52 calibre gun as the CAESAR MkI, combined with new fire control software. Combat proven in multiple theatres of operation, the CAESAR allows a rate of fire of 6 rounds per minute and accurate fire at over 40km. Its reliability and efficiency make it the ideal tool for high-intensity warfare.

French Army CAESAR Mk1 SPH [© Bob Morrison]


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