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Norway Orders Additional Naval Strike Missiles

Kongsberg Naval Strike Missile [© Kongsberg]

The Norwegian Defence Material Agency (NDMA) orders additional Naval Strike Missiles (NSM) from Kongsberg for the Norwegian Navy.


Press Release, Kongsberg, 22 December 2022: Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KONGSBERG) has signed a supplemental agreement contract with the Norwegian Defence Material Agency (NDMA) for the ongoing procurement of Naval Strike Missile (NSM) for deliveries to the Norwegian Navy.

The value of the contract is MNOK 604 and will increase the total number of delivered NSMs to the Norwegian customer. This contract for additional NSMs is part of the German-Norwegian collaboration for procurement of NSM for the two nations.

KONGSBERG appreciates the strong cooperation with the NDMA team and looks forward to continuing these efforts as we focus on the deliveries to the Norwegian Navy.


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