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Latvia Orders More Carl-Gustaf Ammunition From Saab

Library image of a joint Latvian and Canadian NATO eFP anti-armour team with Carl-Gustaf [© Bob Morrison]

Saab receives orders worth approximately SEK 185 million from Latvia MoD for Carl-Gustaf M4 recoilless rifle ammunition.


Press Release, Linköping, 20 December 2022: Saab has received orders from the Latvian Ministry of Defence for ammunition for the Carl-Gustaf recoilless rifle. The order value is approximately SEK 185 million.

The order is placed within a framework agreement between Saab and the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) which enables Latvia to place orders for Carl-Gustaf M4 weapons and ammunition over a ten-year period.

“We are pleased to continue delivering our world-class ground combat capabilities to Latvia. This order will support the Latvian National Armed Forces’ ability to meet a wide range of challenges on the modern battlefield,” says Görgen Johansson, head of Saab’s business area Dynamics.

Soldiers firing Carl-Gustaf M4 [Saab press release image]

Proven to deliver results on the battlefield, the Carl-Gustaf provides the effectiveness soldiers need. The wide range of ammunition types available for Carl-Gustaf makes it flexible and able to handle any situation on the battlefield, whether it is to destroy an armoured vehicle or structure, or illuminating the battlefield during night-time operations.


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