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German Bundestag Releases Funds For G36 Successor

HK-416 System Sturmgewehr Bundeswehr [Bundeswehr press release image]

The Budget Committee of the German Bundestag has released funds for numerous projects including the successor to the G36 rifle.


Press Release, Berlin, 14 December 2022: [auto-translated] At its meeting on December 14, the Haushaltsausschuss (Budget Committee) of the German Bundestag released funds for numerous projects: the successor to the G36 rifle; the retrofitting of the Puma infantry fighting vehicle; new over-snow vehicles for the mountain infantry; and other armament projects.

The System Sturmgewehr Bundeswehr (Bundeswehr Assault Rifle System) – a new assault rifle based on the HK416 A8 from the manufacturer Heckler and Koch – is intended to replace the G36 as the Bundeswehr’s standard rifle. The Bundeswehr can now procure 118,718 new assault rifles for around 209 million Euros. The troops will receive their first weapons in 2024. The selection decision had already been made in spring 2021, but a review procedure against the decision by an unsuccessful bidder had delayed the conclusion of the contract.

Puma IFV [© Rheinmetall: Marcus Jacobs]

Retrofit for Puma infantry fighting vehicle: 143 infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) Puma can be retrofitted to a uniform design for around 850 million Euros. With the retrofit, all SPz Puma of the Bundeswehr will reach a uniform and operational technical level. The modern IFV Puma is the main weapon system of the armoured infantry unit and is intended to replace the IFV Marder, which has been in service since the 1970s.

New over-snow vehicles for mountain troops: 140 Collaborative All-Terrain Vehicle (CATV) over-snow vehicles procured from the manufacturer BAE Systems Hägglunds for around 405 million Euros. They are intended to replace the outdated and no longer economically viable predecessor Bv206D. Over-snow vehicles can safely transport soldiers and material in mountainous terrain that is difficult to negotiate, even under extreme climatic conditions. The new CATV will be procured jointly with Great Britain and Sweden. The Scandinavian country is taking the lead in the joint procurement process.

CATV BvS10 All Terrain Vehicle [© BAE Systems]

New leadership tools for the infantryman of the future: For the System Infanterist der Zukunft (Infantryman System of the Future), which is used in the army, air force and navy, the Bundeswehr can procure 476 command and control equipment for around 51 million euros. The equipment consists of digital radios, a user terminal comparable to a rugged mobile phone and a battle management system. The equipment ensures the infantryman’s ability to communicate even under combat conditions.

Modern digital radios: On the basis of a framework agreement, the Bundeswehr can use modern digital command radios for the implementation of the armaments programme Umsetzung des Rüstungsprogramms Digitalisierung Landbasierte Operationen (D-LBO – Digitization Land-Based Operations) procurement. With this contract and the associated permanent assignment, the units promised for NATO will first be equipped – including the army division to be provided by 2025. With the new radios, servicewomen and men can communicate using a modern digital transmission method. The Bundeswehr is already using the same radios with the NATO – Eingreiftruppe VJTF (Very High Readiness Joint Task Force).

Rail transport capacities for VJTF 2023: In 2023, Germany will assume responsibility as the framework nation for the NATO – Eingreiftruppe VJTF (Very High Readiness Joint Task Force). For the rapid deployability of the land-based VJTF, the Bundeswehr can conclude a retention agreement for around 69 million Euros with DB Cargo AG. The framework freight contract stipulates that the railways must provide around 340 flat wagons, locomotives, operating personnel and free train paths within six days and complete the transports within the specified time window.


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