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NP Aerospace and Supacat Deliver Training Vehicles to UK MoD

Skeletonised Supacat Jackal HMTV Vehicle [© NP Aerospace]

NP Aerospace and Supacat deliver training vehicles to UK MoD ~ damaged HMTV platforms have been repurposed for DSEME Lyneham.


Press Release, Coventry, 08 December 2022: NP Aerospace and Supacat have repurposed a number of IED damaged High Mobility Truck Variant (HMTV) vehicles for UK Ministry of Defence training under the Protected Mobility Engineering & Technical Support (PMETS) Contract.

The vehicles have been repurposed by NP Aerospace and Supacat engineering teams for the Defence School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (DSEME) in Lyneham. Effectively introducing a simulated training aid that will improve MoD vehicle knowledge and contribute to continued safety improvements.

Supacat Jackal HMTV training aids [© NP Aerospace]

The initiative has enabled two HMTV Platforms, previously used for training to be returned field Army for operational use and increasing the number of in-service vehicles. The project involved the collection, strip-down, refurbishment and rebuild of three HMTV vehicles to provide five training aids including four static and one mobile skeletonised module. These will be used to assist apprentices and qualified technicians on various courses run by DSEME.

David Petheram, Chief Operating Officer, NP Aerospace, said: “The objective of the UK MoD PMETS Protected Mobility Engineering & Technical Support Contract is to deliver vehicle upgrades and improvements that drive enhancements in safety and performance capability across the fleet, whilst introducing new innovations and sustaining proven platforms. The new HMTV training aids developed with Supacat are a great example of vehicle reuse and engineering innovation for the benefit of improving expertise and knowledge.”

Phil Applegarth, Director of Supacat, commented: “The HMTV platform is a proven platform for use in harsh environments. By refurbishing damaged vehicles and upgrading them with the latest improvements for training, we are able to demonstrate our commitment to ensuring MoD teams are knowledgeable about their equipment, which ultimately keeps crew safe and maximises training or operational availability.”

A JACKAL 2 operated by the 9th/12th Royal Lancers in southern Afghanistan in 2011 [© Carl Schulze]

Note: The Protected Mobility Engineering & Technical Support (PMETS) contract is being led by NP Aerospace as Engineering Authority for MoD’s fleet of c. 2,000 Protected Mobility Vehicles until 2024. The vehicles covered under the contract include the Mastiff, Wolfhound, Ridgback, Buffalo, Choker, RODET, Foxhound, Jackal, Coyote and Husky. Mastiff is a heavily armoured 6×6 PPV (Protected Patrol Vehicle) first deployed operationally to Afghanistan on Operation in late 2006. Ridgback is the smaller 4×4 variant.


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