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US Marine Corps TAMIR IRON DOME Tests Successfully Completed

Archival photo from experiments [Spokesperson Department at the Israeli Ministry of Defense]

The US Marine Corps has successfully completed a series of tests of an air defence system incorporating RAFAEL’s TAMIR IRON DOME interceptor.


Press Release, Tel Aviv, 19 October 2022: The latest live fire test culminates a series of three trials carried out over the past year, and for the third time the system successfully intercepted a wide variety of targets. In this latest test, the ability to continuously launch TAMIR IRON DOME interceptors from a mobile launcher developed by the Marines was also tested.

The series of tests were conducted by the Marines at the White Sands facility in New Mexico as part of the development programme to test a new prototype system for Medium Range Intercept Capability (MRIC – Medium Range Intercept Capability). The successful experiment proved both the performance of the mobile launcher developed for the Marines, and the performance of the IRON DOME interceptor, in several complicated interception scenarios.

“The three tests that took place this year proved that the performance of the MRIC system with IRON DOME interceptors is good and provides a dedicated launcher solution for the Marines,” said Don Kelly, Project Manager in the Air Defense Department (GBAD) of the Marine Corps’ Land Directorate (PEO Land Systems) at the end of the test.

Archival photo from experiments [Spokesperson Department at the Israeli Ministry of Defense]

Executive Vice President and Head of the Air and Missile Defense Directorate at RAFAEL Brigadier General (Ret.) Pini Yungman: “Once again, RAFAEL’s systems have proven that they are able to integrate into existing systems and create synergy between systems, providing optimal performance. RAFAEL’s advanced systems are developed with an ‘open architecture’ allowing seamless integration with other systems. In the latest test conducted by the Marines, a successful combination of the TAMIR interceptor launched from a new launcher developed under the leadership of the Marines, combined with the Marines’ radar system and the battle management system, which are systems developed by American industries, was demonstrated.

Moshe Patel, Head of the Israeli Missile Defense Organization (IMDO) at the Ministry of Defense: “The current test, which completes a series of three tests, is further proof of the ability of the IRON DOME TAMIR interceptor, together with its ground array, to integrate quickly and efficiently with the entire relevant system and to intercept a variety of aerial threats in challenging and complex scenarios. We welcome any cooperation in the field of defence with the branches of the US military.”

The TAMIR interceptor is capable of intercepting cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, a variety of rockets, mortars and Precision Guided Missiles. The interceptor was developed by RAFAEL, which was a partner in adapting it to the configuration of the Marine Corps and in conducting the experiment.


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