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If You Go Down To The Woods One Day…

MASTIFF XC chasing a Toyota Land Cruiser off-road at DVD 2022 [©Bob Morrison]

If you go down to the woods one day… don’t be surprised to see MASTIFF XC going the distance off-road with an SUV like a Toyota Land Cruiser, writes Bob Morrison.


NP Aerospace have been quietly beavering away with Horstman, MIRA, Texelis, Timoney, Universal Fabrications and others to upgrade RIDGBACK 4×4 PPV and MASTIFF 6×6 PPV to give increased off-road performance for Operation NEWCOMBE in Mali.

MASTIFF XC adaptable height off-road suspension designed for UK operations in Africa [©BM]

The new XC version of MASTIFF, which I snapped out on the off-road course at Millbrook Proving Ground during DVD 2022 last week, now has a high mobility independent suspension system, adaptable ride height, higher performance military wheels and tyres, and a CTIS or Central Tyre Inflation System. Compared with the original MASTIFF family, derived from the COUGAR MRAP and operationally deployed by UK MoD in Afghanistan and Iraq from 2006, the XC version offers proper off-road performance and is better suited for African rural roads and tracks.

MASTIFF XC high mobility adaptable height independent off-road suspension module [©BM]
No photo-trickery ~ MASTIFF RC really is powering up this 35% inclined off-road track at Millbrook during DVD 2022 [© BM]
The new adaptable height off-road suspension is obvious in this shot of MASTIFF XC at speed [©BM]
MASTIFF on the driver training course at Leconfield in 2009 ~ this was the worst terrain the original PPV was expected to have to tackle [©BM]
MASTIFF operationally deployed in Afghanistan in 2009 [© †Yves Debay]

[Images © Bob Morrison unless noted]

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