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Galvion Introduces Batlskin Cobra Hi-Cut Helmet

Galvion Cobra Hi-Cut Helmet [© Galvion]

Galvion introduces expanded options to its Batlskin Cobra helmet platform, the Cobra Hi-Cut combat helmet, to UK and Europe at DVD 2022.


Press Release, Bristol, 20 September 2022: Galvion, a world leader in innovative head protection systems and power and data management solutions, with operationally proven pedigree in NATO countries, is excited to be introducing their new Cobra Hi-Cut combat helmet to UK and European markets at DVD 2022. The new helmet has been developed to expand the Cobra helmet platform range and specifically, to enable the use of a wider range of communication and hearing protection systems. Galvion’s new Hi-Cut Batlskin Cobra helmet, along with the full suite of NervCentr power and data provision and management solutions, will be on display at DVD 2022 on booth C3-502.

Galvion’s Cobra helmet system was one of the first ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene shells introduced with a comprehensive suite of modular components to accommodate widely used head-borne accessories, allowing soldiers to quickly up-armour to suit mission needs. It further revolutionised the market with its customisable, comfort-fit Modular Suspension System (MSS), offering not only a lighter weight helmet, but a more comfortable one, while still providing superior levels of blunt force and ballistic protection. Since its introduction in 2012, Galvion has delivered over 200,000 Cobra systems to UK and European users.

Peter Rafferty, Galvion’s UK President said: “We continue to deliver our Full-Cut Cobra helmet systems today, and also offer customers refurbishment programmes, including upgrading with rail systems and to our APEX liner system, which is optimised for long-term comfort and offers full-coverage impact protection.” Rafferty continued: “The new Cobra Hi-Cut variant was developed in response to continued and growing needs to accommodate a wider range of communication, situational awareness and hearing protection systems as well as the need to provide an expanded platform for accessory integration. This new cut retains all the functionality and protection levels that end-users expect of a Galvion head system. We’re proud to offer additional options for our UK and European customers to ensure through-life value for our helmet platforms.” He added: “Looking ahead, Galvion will continue to work with key partners around the globe to reshape the next generation of integrated head systems to meet the ever-changing needs of tomorrow’s battlefield.”


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