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BCB Camouflage Innovations At DVD 2022

A deployed BCB multi-spectral net [image via BCB]

BCB International Ltd will be unveiling new multi-spectral nets and a five colour camouflage face paint at DVD 2022 at Millbrook next week.


Press Release, Cardiff, 13 September 2022: At this year’s DVD show at Millbrook (21-22 September), on stand C3-702 camouflage and survival equipment experts, BCB International Ltd, will be unveiling new multi-spectral nets and a five colour camouflage face paint that will help British troops and friendly forces avoid detection.

BCB’s concealment suit [© BCB]

BCB is a long-established manufacturer and supplier of survival and protective equipment. Its range of face paint and camouflage nets have been standard issue to generations of British and NATO forces to help them stay concealed from the enemy in all terrains.

BCB International Ltd’s Managing Director, Andrew Howell, explained that they will be unveiling new camouflage equipment at DVD: “The enemy uses a variety of sensors to detect and identify our troops, their equipment and installations. Our multi-spectral nets can change battlefield dynamics by blocking or degrading the effectiveness of the enemy’s reconnaissance, surveillance and target-acquisition capabilities. Our multi-spectral nets and concealment suits protect both equipment and the wearer in the visual, infrared and thermal spectrums.”

BCB’s five colour compact [© BCB]

Andrew Howell added that they will also have on display a new addition to their range of camouflage face paint: “Our camouflage face paint helps soldiers blend into their surroundings and protects their skin in the infrared spectrum. It is also rain and sweat resistant and provides a high sun protection factor. For the first time at DVD, we will be unveiling our five colour camouflage compact which complements our three colour compacts, two colour sticks and single colour squeezable tubes. We look forward to showing our camouflage range to DVD visitors on our stand C3-702.”


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