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First US Airport Deployment of DroneSentry

DroneShield DroneSentry in full 360 degree detect-only configuration [© DroneShield]

DroneShield has announced the first permanent deployment of its DroneSentry counter-drone system at an (undisclosed) airport in the US.


Press Release, Sydney, 29 August 2022: DroneShield is pleased to announce it has sold and deployed its DroneSentry counter-drone system at a US international airport. This is the first permanent deployment of DroneSentry at a US airport. The name and location of the airport is undisclosed.

The DroneSentry system configuration provides advanced detection capability, in compliance with current US legislation for civilian airports. The deployed system includes DroneShield’s RfOne passive long-range drone detection sensors integrated with DroneSentry-C2 command-and-control enterprise software. The system provides near real-time drone detection, tracking and reporting assisting airport authorities with security and risk assessment throughout the airspace.

Jayde Wilks, DroneShield Sales Executive, commented, “As more drones take to the sky every year, it increases the risk profiles for airports. Drones can damage, or even bring down, an airliner with contact. Reports of airport disruptions due to drones continue to rise, and the safety risk and cost involved from plane diversions and flight disruptions can be significant. With this and future airport deployments, we look forward to helping address this risk.”


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