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Rheinmetall Lynx IFV Contracts To Slovak Industry

Lynx KF-41 at IDEB 2022 [© Rheinmetall]

Rheinmetall awards major contracts worth €60 Million to Slovak defence industry ~ RayService to deliver electrical systems for Lynx IFV.


Press Release, Düsseldorf, 10 May 2022: On 10 May 2022 RayService and Rheinmetall signed two major contracts worth over €60 Million for the deliveries of electronic and electrical systems for the Lynx IFV. The contracts covers control systems, cable harnesses and lighting systems for the second phase of the Hungarian Lynx KF41 programme of the Hungarian Army, worth more than €30 Million. Another package of around €30 Million is a fix pre-contract for the deliveries of Lynx IFV to the Slovak Army once Rheinmetall will be awarded in ongoing tender.

“Rheinmetall has great interest in real partnership with the Slovak defence industries and is experienced with the integration of local companies into the global supply chain. In fact, by signing this contract, the integration of Slovak industry into the Lynx supply chain has already started,” states John Abunassar, CEO of Rheinmetall Vehicle Systems Division.

RayService and Rheinmetall representatives with Lynx KF-41 at IDEB 2022 [© Rheinmetall]

RayService components and systems for the Hungarian Defence Forces will be produced in their facility in Skalica, Slovakia and then exported to Hungary. RayService will thus benefit from integration into the Lynx supply chain prior to the actual IFV tender evaluation in Slovakia.

“Besides we are already having an extensive cooperation with RayService for our activities in Germany and the UK, I’m happy that we can extend our cooperation to Slovakia and Hungary and hopefully other countries – like the Czech Republic – in the future,” adds Oliver Mittesldorf, Executive Vice President Sales Tactical Vehicles at Rheinmetall. Rheinmetall is competing for the modernisation of the Slovak Infantry Fighting Vehicle and is therefore looking to expand the defence industry network in Slovakia.

“We are very glad to finalise our common work with Rheinmetall on the IFV Lynx, that included R&D, know-how transfer and lot of prototyping works, which has now paid off in biggest contract in company history. This will allow us to make further large investments into our facility in Skalica and will secure and generate workload for more than 60 people over next 5 years. On top of this we already started our process of VG96927 certification which will allow us to enter further global projects of Rheinmetall” states Igor Hrabovec – Managing Director Ray Service Slovakia. “With this giant leap we will build up real competence centre in Slovakia.” says Jakub Gabriel, CEO RayService.

Frank Ohle – Rheinmetall Senior Vice President Purchase – adds: “RayService offers a state of the art production line and is a flexible partner that allows us to adapt perfectly to local requirements. The cooperation with RayService is only the first step for us to establish a local production network in Slovakia.”

The strategic cooperation ensures region-wide support from RayService for Rheinmetall’s innovative Lynx IFV platform. RayService contributes to Lynx and other Rheinmetall programmes through the supply of vitally crucial electro and electro-mechanic systems, as well as the localisation of third-party equipment including NBC systems, fire extinguishing systems, turret drive systems and tracks and road wheels. Based in Stare Mesto, Czech Republic and Zilina, Slovakia RayService started working with Rheinmetall in 2011.

“Lynx is the IFV of the 21st century and just on the beginning of its life cycle. Besides defining standards for survivability, mobility and lethality, it is the only medium weight combat system that offers real growth potential. Meeting the demands of the modern battlefield Lynx is the logical choice for the Army and a huge opportunity for domestic industrial development and growth,” says Frank Ohle, “Over the past 10 years, RayService has been an unfailingly reliable partner, delivering outstanding results time and time again. Their commitment to innovation makes them the perfect supplier for our innovative portfolio, and we look forward to deepening our relationship through this new strategic cooperation agreement.


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