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Elettronica SPS At Singapore Air Show 2022

Praetorian Evolution Typhoon [image via Elettronica]

Elettronica’s innovative ground-breaking SPS (Self-Protection Suite) technology will be showcased at the Singapore Air Show 2022 .


Press Release, Rome, 09 February 2022: Elettronica counters sophisticated threats with innovative, ground-breaking technology

Advanced air defence systems are proliferating throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Countries are investing in this technology to enhance their Anti-Access / Area Denial (A2AD) strategies. These air defence systems pose a grave danger to military aircraft. Elettronica’s state-of-the-art self-protection capabilities ensure aircraft can fly safely and perform their missions even in high threat environments.

It is not only fighter planes which need protecting, supporting aircraft need similar provision. Large, wide-body military aircraft like tankers and rotary wing aviation need robust safeguards against advanced air defence systems which may have ranges of hundreds of kilometres. Elettronica’s Self-Protection Suite (SPS) protects all types of aircraft. Not only is the SPS configured to detect and counter radar threats it performs similar tasks against optically guided weapons.

At the heart of the SPS is its flexible design. The SPS uses Modular Open Systems Architecture (MOSA). This makes it scalable according to customer needs and aircraft type. The system easily accommodates a wide range of self-protection systems. These include laser, missile and radar warning systems, chaff and flare launchers, jammers and directional infra-red countermeasures. All these systems can be controlled from a central electronic warfare manager.

Elettronica’s self-protection suite is trusted by air forces, armies and navies around the world. The SPS protects a wide selection of aircraft from helicopters to fast jets and transport planes. Its constituent parts are the result of over 70 years of the company’s leadership and continuous innovation in the electronic warfare domain.

Elettronica is proud to exhibit at this year’s Singapore Air Show. The company brings its diverse portfolio of electromagnetic spectrum operations capabilities, expertise and services to the event. To find out more about the SPS and our other technologies, please visit our stand.


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