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German Navy NH90 MRFH Secure Communications

The NH90 MRFH for the German Navy will be flying with Rohde & Schwarz Software Defined Airborne Radios [© Rohde & Schwarz]

The new NH90 MRFH (Multi-Role Frigate Helicopter) for the German Navy will be flying with Rohde & Schwarz SOVERON secure communications.


Press Release, Munich, 25 January 22: Rohde & Schwarz will equip the German Navy’s NH90 Multi-Role Frigate Helicopter (MRFH), with SOVERON family airborne radios that include embedded COMSEC.

Each aircraft is fitted with three VHF/UHF transceivers plus spares. The navy will receive 31 helicopters – a naval version of the NH90 – that offer close-range protection, anti-surface-warfare (ASuW) and anti-submarine-warfare (ASW), transport, and search and rescue capabilities.

The SOVERON family airborne transceiver uses state-of-the-art communications algorithms that were standardised throughout NATO, and particularly for naval applications. The transceiver’s interfaces allow external devices or an external encryption device to be connected and guards the naval distress frequency, thereby remaining future-proof.

“We are very proud to have our equipment deployed on this major naval asset of our national customer,” says Stefan Pleyer, Vice President Market Segment Avionics, Rohde & Schwarz. “With 8000+ SOVERON family airborne radios in use worldwide on over 70 different airborne platforms, we ensure that we deliver a safe, future-ready investment for today’s navies on time and on budget.”


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