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Assac Networks Announces GCC ShieldiT Contract

ShieldiT cellphones illustration [© Assac Networks]

Assac Networks announces award of GCC government contract to provide ShieldiT for managing secure communication over existing infrastructure.


Press Release, Tel Aviv 01 December 2021: Assac Networks – a company specialising in cyber solutions for the complete protection of mobile devices for government agencies, defence and commercial organisations – today announced that it has been awarded a contract for the supply and installation of the unique ShieldiT system, for a government entity in one of the GCC [Gulf Cooperation Council] countries.

The ShieldiT system is the only app that provides full protection of satellite, IP and wireless communications, against both hacking and tapping. Installation is already underway, based on existing infrastructure, making it a cost-effective solution.

Smartphones are constantly exposed to cyber threats, both hacking – data theft, malicious software or use of the device as a backdoor into corporate networks, and tapping – eavesdropping, either via the access network or the switch. Assac Networks’ ShieldiT is the only solution with a unified, managed anti-hacking and anti-tapping capability for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) smartphones, which today are the most vulnerable point in an organisation’s IT network.

ShieldiT comprises three steps: threat management – robust and AI-powered, with a user-friendly dashboard; anti-hacking – detection and prevention of cyberattacks, data theft and malware; and anti-tapping – point-to-point, military-grade voice and text messages encryption and eavesdropping prevention. The unified ManageiT management dashboard centrally controls all ShieldiT features. The synergy of ManageiT and ShieldiT enables corporations to control and conduct incident response from the management console.

The unique offering of this project enables the user freedom of smartphone use, whether via satellite, wireless or fixed IP; controlled in a single management environment; quick and easy integration into existing IT infrastructure; fully-controlled encryption with autonomous CA; high-level cyber protection with on-device decision capability; unique built-in unauthorised movement sensor; and cost-effective, high performance.

“We are proud to have won a second contract with our GCC-based government client,” says Shimon Zigdon, CEO of Assac Networks. “The client’s continued use of the Assac app to further cyber protection on its mobile devices indicates their full confidence in the system and its unique capabilities. Deployed on the organisation’s existing infrastructure – unlike solutions based on radio communication – ShieldiT provides a new security layer, while enabling the client to save considerable resources. We are proud that the company’s customers, both in the corporate and governmental sectors, find ShieldiT to be effective in protecting their organisations from cyberattacks.”