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New Vehicles Spotted At FEINDEF 2021

The Spanish Army DRAGON 8x8 Pinanha V made its first public appearane at FEINDEF 2021 [© Bob Morrison]

At the recent FEINDEF 2021 defence and security expo in Madrid we spotted several new, mostly Spanish, wheeled military vehicles, reports Bob Morrison.


The last couple of months have seen me flapping around the part-rescheduled European defence expo circuit like a headless chicken on steroids, so I have a bit of a backlog of articles to deal with before I turn my full attention to the vehicles on this page, but hopefully this teaser (typed out at another airport departures gate) will whet your appetite. The TSD Ibero will probably be the first subject I get around to, as it also appeared at the Mercedes-Benz DVE in Austria where I snapped it out on the ground.

EINSA displayed their new Hilux-based NETON for the SpecOps market [© Bob Morrison]
The TSD Ibero has already been sold to one African nation [© Bob Morrison]
This Peugeot Dangel 4×4 conversion is much more interesting than first appearances suggest
[© Bob Morrison]
Although already spotlighted, I plan to take a slightly more in-depth look at the New Defender 110
[© Bob Morrison]


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