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Bruisertech and WB Group Present COMBATMATE At MSPO

COMBATMATE at MSPO 2021 [© Bob Morrison]

South Africa’s Bruisertech in partnership with Poland’s WB Group presented the COMBATMATE MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle at MSPO 2021, reports Bob Morrison.


South Africa’s Bruisertech, headquartered near Pretoria, has teamed up with Poland’s WB Group, headquartered near Warsaw, to meet the potential requirements of several European countries for a 4×4 MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle.

With a kerb weight of 10 tonnes and an additional 3,000kg payload capacity the COMBATMATE 4×4 MRAP, based on the Bruiser 212, has the potential to carry up to ten troops plus a crew of two in the infantry configuration. Powered by a six-cylinder 268kW turbo-diesel engine, through a two-speed automatic gearbox, the vehicle is claimed to have a governed top speed of 140 kph or 87.5 mph. For the technically minded, standard wheelbase is 3500mm, length is 5939m, width is 2488mm, and height is 2658mm to top of hull. Ground clearance under the differential is 420 mm, unprepared fording depth is 1100mm, a 500mm step can be climbed, a 70% gradient can be tackled, side slope capability is 40% and approach and departure angles are around 37˚. Armour protection level is not publicly specified, but the configuration seen here can be upgraded.

Company representative Johnny Chabalala told us: “The Bruiser 212 vehicle is the latest culmination for a new unique design, which has a historical background that has risen from the past 55-year lifeline history of MPV (Mine Protected Vehicles) design and development in Africa. With the deployment of these types of vehicles in today’s asymmetrical war theatres all over the world, the war environment requires that these vehicles now have a side blast resistant protection component which defines this vehicle as an MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle type.

“The main innovation applied by the Bruisertech Team was in the design of the Bruiser 212 vehicle which today brings forward a very well-balanced vehicle with high protection levels, compactness with sufficient user comfort to the occupants, reliability and a cost-effective vehicle system with very little complicated maintenance and service repairs procedures.”

“The vehicle specification and all the various interwoven design aspects makes this vehicle an absolute excellent usage platform. The protection envelope provided for is in balance of current asymmetrical warfare threats. Due to the reserve capacity within the design built in initially any increase in weight of additional levels of protection can be accommodated with minimal influence.

“The Bruiser 212 comes in a number of variants to can meet today’s and future operational requirements of Armed Forces around the world. The vehicle is designed to accommodate and integrate various solutions and weapons in line with military and security forces requirements. As presented at the MSPO 2021, the vehicle has integrated a Remote Controlled Weapon Station, Communications system and WARMATE loitering weapon system from the WB Group in Poland. The partnership and system integration puts the capability in the forefront of responses to military requirements and addressing threats in modern theatres.

“Target markets for the vehicle and system are Armed Forces and Security Forces and services around the world. Other variants of the vehicle will be applied in the Specialised Operations environments due to the platform design, flexibility and easy maintenance in theatre. The weapons options also addresses various scenarios and requirements for Armed Forces around the world.”

COMBATMATE is based on the Bruiser 212 MRAP [© Bob Morrison]

Unfortunately the very short time interval between MSPO 2021 closing in Kielce on Friday and DSEI 2021 opening on Tuesday, plus other commitments in Europe, prevent the Bruiser 212 displaying in London next week. However we suspect we may well bump into this interesting MRAP again in the not too distant future.

[images © Bob Morrison]

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