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Milanion AGEMA UGV ~ Ukraine Showcase

AGEMA UGV in 'follow-me' mode [© Milanion]

Arms and Security 21 in Kyiv ~ Milanion eyes the Ukrainian market for its flagship AGEMA UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle).


Press Release, Abu Dhabi, 07 June 2021: Milanion’s upgraded AGEMA UGV will be showcased at the Arms and Security 21 trade show in Kyiv on June 15 – 18, 2021.

Following a successful show of capabilities at IDEX 2021, Milanion’s unmanned autonomous land and maritime platforms have received a significant surge in global interest, with Ukraine leading the way. Milanion management has responded to this interest by dispatching a team to participate in the Arms and Security 21 exhibition in Kyiv, showcasing the fully amphibious and modular AGEMA UGV.

Amphibious AGEMA UGV [© Milanion]

Engineered for the most demanding missions the AGEMA is simple to operate, affordable, and configured to customer requirements with a range of payloads providing interoperability between systems for a wide range of operational missions.

“As an agile company, Milanion is able to respond with speed to interest from new markets. Ukraine is an important market for us, and our flagship AGEMA UGV is equipped with world-class technologies to provide cutting-edge versatility, security, functionality, and reliability for multi-mission support capabilities” – Davinder Dogra – Milanion, CEO.

AGEMA UGV operating in desert conditions [© Milanion]
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