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Royal Navy Confirms New Fast Patrol Boat Names

Library image of the fast patrol boat HMS Scimitar from the Gibraltar Royal Naval Squadron providing security for HMS Daring while sailing into Gibraltar, September 2016 [Crown Copyright: PO Phot Ray Jones]

HM Ships Dagger and Cutlass have been confirmed as names for the new fast patrol boats for Her Majesty’s Naval Base Gibraltar.


Press Release, Whitehall, 21 April 2021: The Royal Navy can confirm the Her Majesty the Queen has approved the names of two new fast patrol boats, which will be based in Gibraltar, as HM Ships Dagger and Cutlass.

Dagger is a name new to the Royal Navy. It was due to have been assigned to a weapon-class anti-submarine escort in late World War 2. But, the conflict ended and the ship was cancelled. Only one previous HMS Cutlass has served under the White Ensign, during the 1970s with her sisters Scimitar and Sabre, not the same vessels which later served in Gibraltar. She was used to train Royal Navy and NATO warships to deal with the threat of fast missile/torpedo craft as part of the First Fast Training Boat Squadron.

The Gibraltar Squadron Fast Patrol Craft is supporting British operations and patrolling HMNB Gibraltar and British Gibraltar Territorial Waters.

Gibraltar Squadron Fast Patrol Craft [Crown Copyright]
  • Powered by 3x Volvo D13-1000 engines (each producing 1,000hp) and 3x MJP350X water jets
  • 6 crew (plus 6 passengers)
  • up to 40 knots
  • initially will carry 3x purpose machine gun (1 on fore deck, 2 off deck), will be fitted for (but not with) the 0.50cal heavy machine guns
  • Length: 19.0m.
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