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US Army Procures Carl-Gustaf M3E1

Carl-Gustaf M3E1 / M4 anti-armour weapon [©Saab]
Saab has been awarded an $87 million Carl-Gustaf anti-armour weapon contract from US Army for the M4 – known as M3E1 in US service.


Press Release, Stockholm, 15 October 2020: Saab has signed a multi-year framework contract with the US Army for the latest version of the Carl-Gustaf multi-role, man-portable shoulder-fired weapon, known as the M3E1 in US Army service and M4 globally. Saab has been awarded an $87 million (approximately 770 MSEK) Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity contract for M3E1 weapons with an initial order of $9.2 million (approximately 80 MSEK) with deliveries in 2021.

The contract is an indefinite delivery and quantity contract allowing the US Army to place orders for the latest version of the Carl-Gustaf weapon during a 7-year period for a value of up to approximately $87 million (770 MSEK). The Carl-Gustaf weapons in this framework contract will be operated by the US Army, Marine Corps and Special Operations Command.

“The Saab M3E1 is optimised to meet the needs of today’s warfighters. This lightweight and effective recoilless rifle ensures readiness on the modern battlefield with multi-role capabilities through a wide array of munitions including counter-defilade, anti-structure, and anti-armour,” said Erik Smith, President and CEO of Saab in the US

The Carl-Gustaf system has been a programme of record in the US since 2013. In 2018, the US Army announced it would acquire the latest version of the system. At 14.8 pounds (6.7 kilos), the new version is 28 percent lighter than its predecessor, the M3. In 2019, the US Army signed a framework agreement for Carl-Gustaf ammunition.

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