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Elbit Integrates Sintela Onyx LGDS Into TORCH

Border Security & Detection System image via Elbit Systems
Elbit Systems of America integrates Sintela Onyx Linear Ground Detection Systems into TORCH Command & Control Center for border security.


Press Release, Fort Worth, 24 August 2020: Elbit Systems of America has successfully integrated data supplied by Sintela’s fibre optics-based Linear Ground Detection Systems (LGDS) into the Elbit Systems’ TORCH Command & Control system used by the United States Border Patrol.

Sintela’s LGDS – called Onyx – provides surface and subterranean surveillance and threat detection in support of the Border Wall System (BWS), along America’s southern border. The LGDS provides an added layer of security to the steel-and-concrete constructed physical border wall. Elbit Systems of America is prepared to deliver and install the innovative LGDS system that automatically detects and identifies threats, using machine learning.

“Aided by the TORCH system’s autonomy and artificial intelligence, Border Patrol Agents will be able to more safely and efficiently perform their national security duties,” said Joel Friederich, Elbit Systems of America’s Vice President for C4I and Homeland Security Systems. “We are pleased to partner with Sintela, making Elbit Systems of America now the exclusive US distributor of their market-leading and fully-compliant LGDS system.”

Sintela – headquartered in the United Kingdom, with associate offices around the world – is a global leader in advanced sensing technology, with experience working on complicated infrastructure projects such as the US BWS.

Elbit Systems of America is the prime contractor for the Integrated Fixed Towers (IFT) programme that provides more than 7,000 square miles of protection on the southern border with long-range surveillance technology. Through the company’s application of disciplined innovation, the IFT programme has earned a reputation as an exceptional provider in cyber security, schedule, and overall system performance. The company’s experience with IFT will greatly benefit the US Army Corps of Engineers and Border Patrol as they construct the technology infrastructure integral to the BWS.

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