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Drone Dome Intercepts Multiple Targets

Vehicle-borne Drone Dome interceptor vehicle [© RAFAEL]
RAFAEL’s Drone Dome has intercepted multiple manoeuvring UAS targets with LASER technology, reportedly achieving 100% success in all test scenarios.


Press Release, Tel Aviv, 12 February 2020: In a recent demo conducted in Israel, RAFAEL’s Drone Dome C-UAS system performed interceptions of multiple drones, including manoeuvring targets, using its hard-kill LASER BEAM director. The system achieved 100% success in all test scenarios. The stages of the interceptions included target detection, identification, and interception with a high-power LASER beam.

Dismounted DRONE DOME System [© RAFAEL]

Drone Dome is an innovative end-to-end C-UAS solution for securing air space from hostile drones. Fully operational and deployed globally, Drone Dome offers a modular and robust infrastructure, comprised of electronic jammers and sensors, allowing effective detection, full identification and neutralisation of multiple Micro and Mini UAV threats employing its unique algorithms. One of Drone Dome’s unique capabilities is integrating laser technology for hard-kill capabilities. When the C4I performs a positive identification, the system allocates the target to the laser effector, which locks and tracks the target and performs hard-kill.

Drone Dome is designed to address threats posed by hostile drones both in military and civilian sites, offering advanced solutions for manoeuvring forces and military facilities, critical border protection, as well as civilian targets such as airports, public facilities, or any other sites that might be vulnerable to the increasing threat of both terror and criminal drones.

Drone Dome is a member of RAFAEL’s family of active air and missile defence technologies, which includes the operational and combat-proven Iron Dome, David’s Sling, and the SPYDER family. All together they make up a suite of multi-layered solutions against a variety of aerial threats.

Triple drone interception, 10th February 2020 [© Yael Gavish: RAFAEL]
Manoeuvering drone interception, 10th February 2020 [© Yael Gavish: RAFAEL]

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