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Australia Selects Rafael SPIKE LR2 Missile

Rafael SPIKE LR fired from a ground launcher [image via Rafael]
The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has selected the Rafael SPIKE LR2 as its new long range weapon capability under the Land 159 Lethality System Project.


Press Release, February 2020: The Australian Army and the wider Australian Defence Force (ADF) will acquire the Rafael SPIKE LR2 missile system as its Long Range Direct Fire Support Weapon capability, under the Lethality System project (Land 159).

Chief of Army, Lieutenant General Rick Burr AO, DSC, MVO said the acquisition of the SPIKE LR2 system will contribute to the Army maintaining a competitive edge against evolving threats. “The Long Range Direct Fire Support Weapon capability will enable our dismounted teams to engage armoured targets faster, at increased range, and with improved accuracy,” Lieutenant General Burr said.

“New technology and capabilities enable Army to challenge it’s adversaries in complex, remote and hostile environments.

“Army must be equipped and always ready to deal with warfare at all ranges, at all times.

“The alignment with the Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle (Land 400 Phase 2), will also enable Army to deliver improved operational effects for the ADF in sustainment, training and maintenance.”

The introduction of the SPIKE LR2 will ensure that Army is equipped with a modern and credible dismounted anti-armour guided missile system to target contemporary armoured threats. Army in conjunction with Defence is currently considering options to address a Medium Range Direct Fire Support Weapon capability which will be presented to the Australian Government for consideration in 2022.

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