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New Machine Guns for Canadian Armed Forces

The new C6A1 FLEX will replace the current wooden stock C6 GPMG, seen here carried by a Canadian soldier in Estonia tasked to the NATO eFP mission in May 2019 [© Bob Morrison]
The Canadian Government has announced the purchase of a further 3,626 new C6A1 FLEX General Purpose Machine Guns from Colt Canada.


News Release, Ottawa, 24 January 2020: The Government of Canada’s commitment to equipping the members of the Canadian Armed Forces continues, with the purchase of 3,626 new C6A1 FLEX General Purpose Machine Guns (GPMG) from Colt Canada, Defence Minister Harjit S. Sajjan announced today.

As the current C6 machine guns were procured over 30 years ago, the Department of National Defence needs to replace those removed from service due to wear and tear, and others that are reaching the end of their service life. The purchase announced today will ensure that the Canadian Armed Forces continue to have a modern and reliable weapon to support training and operations. This acquisition supplements the 1,148 machine guns that were acquired in 2017, which featured a durable polymer butt stock instead of the current wooden style. The weapons allow soldiers to attach pointing devices and optical sighting systems to help increase operational and tactical effectiveness.

Canadian Armed Forces C6A1 [image via CAF]

This procurement is an example of progress on Canada’s commitments under Canada’s defence policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged, to modernise, renew and restore Canada’s military by providing them with the tools they need to succeed in operations. Such investments will improve the Canadian Army’s operational capability, and will help provide an advantage over potential adversaries.

Defence Minister Harjit S. Sajjan: “This needed investment continues our government’s commitment to provide the Canadian Armed Forces with the modern equipment they deserve. This purchase will provide the necessary tools to the women and men who serve, so they can do the important work we ask of them. As Strong, Secure, Engaged promised, our government continues to modernize military equipment for our troops.”

Colt Canada C6A1 FLEX [© Colt Canada]


  • First deliveries of the new GPMGs are anticipated for late-2020, with final deliveries anticipated in 2023.
  • The value of the contract is $96.97 million (taxes included).
  • The contract was awarded under the Munitions Supply Program administered by Public Services and Procurement Canada.
  • The procurement includes related equipment such as a cleaning and repair kit, spare parts, and sling to carry the weapon.
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