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BIRD Aerosystems ~ OSCAR MDA African Trials

SEN ASIO Integrated Maritime Solution screenshot [© BIRD Aerosystems]
BIRD Aerosystems announces it has completed its first operational trial of the OSCAR MDA (Maritime Domain Awareness) solution in Africa.


Press Release, Herzliya, 14 January 2020: BIRD Aerosystems, the leading developer of Special Mission Aircraft Solutions (ASIO) and Airborne Missile Protection Systems (AMPS), announces it has completed a successful trial of the OSCAR solution in Africa. The successful trial and the OSCAR solution’s unique capabilities will be presented during the upcoming Africa Maritime Security Forum in Senegal.

During the trial, the OSCAR (Ocean Surveillance Control and Reconnaissance solution) system was operated for a customer in Africa, and applied machine-learning algorithms on real-time maritime data sources such as satellite and terrestrial AIS, satellite SAR/EO/IR, LRIT, coastal radars, tactical sensors and more, and used it to detect, analyse and prioritise suspicious vessels while providing automatic intelligence and threat assessments and alerts of any suspicious or illegal activity detected. The information provided by the OSCAR system enabled the customer to focus on specific vessels that were pointed out by the system as acting suspiciously, examine them, and incriminate the ones performing illegal activities.

Ronen Factor, Co-Chief Executive Officer and Founder at BIRD Aerosystems: “We are happy to announce that we have completed a successful operational trial of the OSCAR Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) solution in Africa. As we expected, the system was very effective in pointing out the suspicious vessels amongst hundreds of ordinary vessels, therefore allowing the customer to pinpoint his maritime patrol activities and achieve a very high operational efficiency in a cost-effective way. OSCAR is a Fully autonomous and advanced multi-sensor MDA system, and we hope that this trial will further expand the number of customers who are already interested in the system.”

OSCAR is an affordable and quick to deploy solution delivering real-time intelligence and threat assessments for the vessels within the country’s areas of interest. Combined with a secure over-the-cloud deployment and multi-sensor integration, OSCAR is an ideal solution for a nation’s maritime protection needs, as it provides 24/7 protection of the maritime domain and Tier 1 Level of prevention against illegal activities at sea such as Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing, oil theft, smuggling, and illegal transshipment, as well as for Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) monitoring. Fully autonomous and personally customised for the needs of each customer, OSCAR handles oceans of data quickly and efficiently, driving operational costs down and detection probabilities up.

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