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IMI Systems M339 120mm Tank Ammo For Finland

Finnish Leopard 2A6 [image © Finnish Defence Forces]
The Elbit Systems subsidiary, IMI Systems, has been selected to supply NATO-compliant High Explosive M339 120mm tank ammunition to the Finnish Army.


Press Release, Haifa, 13 January 2020: Elbit Systems announced today that its subsidiary, IMI Systems, was selected by the Finnish Ministry of Defence (Finnish MoD), following a competitive testing by the Finish Defence Forces (FDF), to provide the Finnish Army with the M339, a NATO compliant 120mm High Explosive Multi-Purpose ammunition, and Data Setting Units, for its Leopard 2 Main Battle Tanks (MBTs).

Suitable for all NATO 120mm smooth bore gun MBTs, the M339 is a high-accuracy, multi-purpose 120mm tank ammunition that complies with NATO STANAG requirements. The FDF selected the M339 to improve the firepower and the ability of the battle tanks to engage different types of targets.

Yehuda (Udi) Vered, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Elbit Systems Land division, commented: “I believe that the outcome of the rigorous testing by the FDF and the selection by the Finnish MoD underscore the growing recognition, by Western armies, of the quality of our portfolio of ammunition.”

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