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Mercedes-Benz Defence Vehicles Experience 2019

The G-Class 300 CDI MRV Multi-Role Vehicle is currently under evaluation by a number of Special Forces units [©BM]
The recent Mercedes-Benz Defence Vehicles Experience, DVE 2019, gave us a chance to see a large number of the company’s products operating off-road, reports Bob Morrison.


In addition to Mercedes-Benz badged military vehicles, including the New Generation Vetros truck and the G-Class 300 CDI MRV Multi-Role Vehicle, the off-road experience at the company’s Unimog Test Track also featured a number of armoured vehicles which use M-B engines and drive components. The accompanying photos should give a brief idea of some more detailed features we are working on for future publication.

[images ©Bob Morrison]

The 6×6 variant of the KMW Dingo uses Mercedes-Benz components [©BM]
The Polish DINO is built around a Sprinter van [©BM]
Unimog line-up in front of the test track gradients [©BM]

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