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DSEI 2019 ~ BCB To Daily Demonstrate FATS

BCB Floating Armour Torso System (FATS) in action
At 10am every day of DSEI the survival equipment specialists BCB International Ltd will demonstrate their novel self-inflating FATS body armour system.


Press Release, Cardiff, 04 September 2019: BCB International’s FATS (Floating Armour Torso System) automatically inflates once immersed in water. The inflatable lifejacket is located under the armour vest and is removable should operatives wish to transition from water to land to pursue their mission.

BCB International’s Special Projects Manager, Ben Simmons said: “The FATS system is an ingenious armoured lifejacket. Its dual purpose application makes it a must wear item for any operative who needs ballistic protection while working in maritime/riverine environments. The armour protects the uninflated lifejacket and the lifejacket itself automatically inflates once immersed in water.

“FATS is self-righting which means that if the wearer should fall into the water unconscious, or injured, the system will flip him/her onto their back to keep their airways clear of water.”

The FATS is supplied in two variants of buoyancy:175N and 275N with NIJ IIIA Soft Armour, Hard Armour Plates and a wide range of pouches also available.

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