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ARQUUS VT4 Standard 2 Production Lines Launched

Last night French military vehicle manufacturer ARQUUS announced the launch of the VT4 Standard 2 production lines in Saint-Nazaire.


Press release, 02 May 2019: On December 7th, 2018, the DGA notified the second tier of the VT4 programme to ARQUUS. This tier comprises 1,200 new Standard 2 vehicles. Production and delivery of the Standard 2 started at the beginning of the year. ARQUUS is aiming at delivering 800 Standard 2 VT4 vehicles in 2019.

VT4 Standard 2 light utility vehicles near the end of the production line [© ARQUUS]

To meet this objective, the ARQUUS plant in Saint-Nazaire has reworked its VT4 production line in order to add new work posts. The experience of the VT4 Standard 1 has also allowed reviewing the procedures to guarantee optimal efficiency and the highest possible level of quality.

The VT4 Standard 2 integrates 350 new references, and offers several new evolutions compared to Standard 1: integration of modern communication and positioning systems, extra racks, towing equipment, and blackout lights. The VT4 Standard 2 is also designed to be air-transportable, in order to grant it extra tactical capabilities.

The VT4 is a 4×4, non-armoured, light and versatile vehicle, designed for command post and liaison missions. It can accommodate 5 soldiers or 4 FELIN system-equipped operators. With its payload of up to 900kg, it is designed for homeland operations (SENTINELLE, Training, Liaison) and for foreign operations in low-threat regions.

The VT4 is now replacing the the P4, seen here [© Bob Morrison]

The services package, provided by ARQUUS, is totally integrated, innovative, with a firm commitment on technical operational readiness (90%) on the whole fleet. 3,700 ARQUUS VT4s will equip the Army by 2025, replacing the P4 vehicle. In 2018, the first 500 Standard 1 VT4s have been delivered to the French Army.

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