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Soucy Defence Exhibiting CRT Technology At IDEX 2019

Soucy CRT on WARRIOR at ITDU [© Soucy Defence]

Soucy Defence Division will exhibit their world leading Composite Rubber Track (CRT) from the Canadian Pavilion at IDEX 2019 in the United Arab Emirates.


Press Release, 11 February 2019: Soucy has an operationally proven system serving in conflict theatres such as Iraq and Afghanistan on Canada’s M113, the UK’s BVS10 (Viking) & Norway’s CV90 vehicles.


A more recent CRT trial was conducted under a joint programme with BAE Systems on a WARRIOR Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) at the UK’s Armoured Trials & Development Unit where its advantages surpassed the expected capabilities.


The 5,000 km, 3-month trial was conducted to strict mission profile parameters directed by the UK MoD, ensuring the CRT was trialled in a realistic operational environment. The 5,000 km durability was fulfilled with an additional 3,000km extrapolated by the engineering teams.


Soucy Composite Rubber Track on WARRIOR [© Soucy Defence]

CRT is integrated onto several different Armoured Vehicles (AV) across different vehicle weight categories worldwide including, M113 variants, BRONCO, CV90 and BORSUK [Poland] proving the diversity of CRT as a system. With CRT being on average 50% lighter than conventional Steel Track (ST) and able to operate in temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius, it is thought that more and more Middle East nations will seek to integrate CRT onto their platforms such as BMP3, M109 and the MCV-80 Desert WARRIOR.

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