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ARQUUS Showcases The Remote Controlled DAGGER

[image © ARQUUS]

ARQUUS will be presenting its autonomous DAGGER at the MEDEF Summer Seminar, as well as all the guidelines which define its policy on innovation.


Press Release, 27th August 2018: Expert in the fields of high mobility, protection and systems integration, ARQUUS keeps investing in developing high-end technologies.

ARQUUS’ sustained efforts in the fields of R&D grants the company a special place in the ranks of all the Defence and Security industry companies. It also enables to constantly renew and improve its ranges to keep up with all operational doctrines and needs.

ARQUUS’ focus on R&D feeds current works on the future of land forces, and aims at:

  • Designing and improving reconnaissance, intelligence, logistics and contact vehicles;
  • Developing and qualifying protection solutions against the evolutive threats of the battlefield ;
  • Integrating more and more complex tactical systems of communication, monitoring and command;
  • Adapting and broadcasting fleet support solutions, thanks to hardened and innovative information technologies.

On the seminar’s innovation booth, ARQUUS will be presenting its video: Innovation is not an option but an obligation. François Deloumeau, R&D Director, will be showcasing the company’s researches, from system architecture to survivability in operations.

On its outdoors booth, ARQUUS will show its autonomous, remote-controlled, armoured liaison vehicle: the DAGGER. In 2017, ARQUUS showcased its ELECTER demonstrator, which illustrates the compatibility between hybrid technology and the use of reconnaissance medium armoured vehicles.


MEDEF = Mouvement des entreprises de France

Conventionally driven ARQUUS DAGGER used by RAID [© Bob Morrison]

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