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EURENCO and Thales Sign Strategic Partnership

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EURENCO and Thales have signed a strategic partnership agreement aimed at ensuring the supply of energy materials and key components.


Press Release, Paris, 18 June 2024: EURENCO and Thales have strengthened their collaboration and signed a strategic partnership agreement aimed at ensuring the supply of energy materials and key components for both companies’ programmes. This strategic partnership agreement secures the partners’ commitment to order and supply agreed volumes of energy materials over a period of more than five years.

As part of this alliance:

  • Thales will be able to place orders for powders and specialised compositions produced by EURENCO to propel guided and unguided munitions.
  • EURENCO will be able to order trinitrotoluene (TNT) and hexogen explosive (RDX), produced by Thales, to meet the growing needs of the high-performance explosives market.

The agreement also provides a framework for identifying mutually beneficial opportunities.

Thierry FRANCOU, CEO of EURENCO, underlines the importance of this partnership: “This alliance is a major step forward for both our companies. It testifies not only to our mutual trust, but also to our shared commitment to effectively meeting our customers’ expectations and the evolving needs of global defense in the face of new threats.”

Alexis Morel, Vice President Operations for Thales’ Land and Air Systems, commented: “This strategic agreement between EURENCO and Thales has been in preparation for several months. It will ensure that our respective supplies are secured. By leveraging the complementary nature of our energetic material production activities on a European and global basis, the agreement enables Thales to guarantee our customers the ability to contribute to their sovereignty programmes in the field of guided and unguided munitions.”


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